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Keeping Existing Clients and Wooing New Ones

The GRC has developed relationships with numerous businesses and service providers that you can tap for information and networking, and to advance the green movement in your community.

GRC's partnership with GREENandSAVE, for instance, offers a way for you to better service existing clients and to woo new ones. GREENandSAVE addresses what the company calls the cornerstones--listings, closings, and client communication--of the real estate business, and helps practitioners attract and close more listings and better connect with clients and prospects.

"Those with the NAR Green Designation can use the GREENandSAVE marketing tools as a springboard to build their businesses," says Charlie Szoradi, president of GREENandSAVE.

Its services include business tools in several categories, for:


Includes a state-by-state directory of GRC members, with links to your e-mail and website
Offers ways to promote your sustainability expertise at your company and individual websites


Offers green staging tactics that go beyond window dressing and illustrate homes' energy efficiency and green characteristics
Shows you ways to identify hidden green features, along with improving advertising and MLS descriptions to highlight homes' green features.


Provides ways to reconnect with former clients and contacts by offering items of value. Among them are gift certificates for home efficiency checkups and guides, such as the "Family Guide to Going Green." It outlines greening strategies for homeowners, and it can be customized with your contact information.

"We understand just how hard it is to find an intelligent way to reconnect with family, friends, and colleagues. And the question always is 'what can you do as an agent to show people that you can add value beyond the transaction?' That's going to be imperative," comments Szoradi.


Helps you populate your site with relevant green news
Allows you to submit monthly stories through the GREENandSAVE News Bureau that are linked back to your website
Builds Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"GREENandSAVE is a way to bring the green global opportunity to the local community and turn a stranger into a friend," says Szoradi.

Green REsource Council Newsletter, June 2010