For Sellers

If You're Already Green

After investing in a green property, it's important to make sure such an investment is properly represented. An NAR Green Designee understands sustainable building features, products, and practices and can educate potential buyers on the savings your green property will offer.

If You're Going Green

You have a lot of options before listing a home with green features. Whether your greening it a little or a lot, an NAR Green Designee can help you make the most of your investment and accurately market your property.

By implementing green features and appliances into your home, you can stand out in a competitive market. NAR Green Designees can help by:

  • Providing simple ways to green your home
  • Identifying green features, appliances and materials that have the best pay-back period
  • Getting you in contact with green industry professionals that can make it all happen, such as energy raters, contractors, lenders and more
  • Helping you take advantage of tax credits and incentives encouraging green improvements
  • Properly represent and effectively market your green home to potential buyers
  • Pricing your green home accurately

Ready to sell green? Find the NAR Green Designee that's right for you!